Four-Step Process
Gifted and talented students are identified through a four-step process:
  1. Nomination
  2. Screening
  3. Selection
  4. Placement

The final placement is made by a committee of at least three local district educators who have received training in the nature and needs of gifted students. Separate selection committees will be established at the elementary and secondary level. Written parental consent must be obtained before any special testing or individual assessment is conducted as part of the screening and identification process.

The identification process uses a multiple criteria approach to help teachers, counselors, principals, and parents make appropriate, responsible decisions about the learning needs of gifted, high-ability students. Measures of both qualitative and quantitative data are used. Achievement tests; educational abilities tests; student performance as recorded with grades, portfolios, and interviews; teacher/parent checklists; and district testing are considered during the screening process. Parents, students, and teachers are notified in writing upon selection of the student into the gifted and talented program.

Eligibility for Recommendation
Any student may be recommended for gifted and talented assessment at any time during the school year by the following:
  • Parents
  • Counselors
  • Self
  • Teachers
  • Community Members
  • Administration

Identification Profile
See a sample Identification Profile .

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