Entrance to Sonora Schools Sonora Independent School District
The Sonora Independent School District is classified by UIL as a class AAA school, with 950 students currently enrolled. The District consists of four campuses dedicated to instructional engagement and student success.

Renovations and Improvements
Construction has recently been completed on a major project to renovate the elementary buildings, including the historical Rock Building. Additionally, fieldhouse and HVAC improvements have been made within the past three years. The citizens of Sonora and Sutton County have always been extremely supportive of Sonora ISD, assisting students, teachers, and administration with their financial support and their time.

Elementary and Intermediate Schools
Sonora Elementary and Intermediate Schools are committed to meeting the needs of today’s changing society, providing a quality, child-centered learning environment in which all students acquire knowledge and develop the skills and work habits to enable them to have happy, successful lives.

Middle School
The mission of Sonora Middle School (SMS) is to prepare students for life ahead of them and enable them to reach for the stars, as their motto says. The faculty of SMS works together to integrate curriculum and plan for the success of all students. At SMS the students are involved in many different activities that provide them with opportunities to grow and learn.

High School
Sonora High School (SHS) has a strong history of success in its academic, vocational, and athletic programs. Perhaps the Vision Statement of SHS explains why this is true: Sonora High School will be a place of compassion, commitment, integrity, happiness, order, and creativity. All students and teachers will be inspired to become partners in the quest of knowledge.