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Welcome to Sonora ISD's Financial Transparency page.

 Sonora ISD’s goal is to implement and monitor well designed processes, including changing student needs and the maintenance of effective and efficient operations.

BUDGETS                                                                                            Arrow 

2020-2021 Adopted Budget   
2019-2020 Adopted Budget   
2018-2019 Adopted Budget   
2017-2018 Adopted Budget  
2016-2017 Adopted Budget  
2015-2016 Adopted Budget  
2014-2015 Adopted Budget 2013-2014 Adopted Budget
2014-2015 Raw Format Budget (Excel file)          2012-2013 Adopted Budget
2014-2015 Budget Book with Narrative 2011-2012 Adopted Budget
2014-2015 Budget Comparison     2010-2011 Adopted Budget 


FINANCIAL REPORTS                                                               Arrow

2019 Annual Financial Report   
2018 Annual Financial Report   
2017 Annual Financial Report  
2016 Annual Financial Report  
2015 Annual Financial Report  2014-2015 Financial Integrity Rating 
2014 Annual Financial Report
2013-2014 Financial Integrity Rating 
2013 Annual Financial Report Standard & Poor's Rating Report
2012 Annual Financial Report  
2011 Annual Financial Report  
2010 Annual Financial Report   

MONTHLY FINANCIAL REPORTS                                         Arrow 

August February
September March
October April
November May
December June 
January July


Current Maintenance and Operation Tax Rate

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Historical Tax Rate

DEBT INFORMATION                                                                        Arrow

Outstanding Bond Report 

Debt Payments 2019

Debt Payments 2019

BOARD OF TRUSTEES                                                                       Arrow


SISD Board of Trustees                       Additional Board Information
Colby Bates, Member
[email protected]
Board Meetings 
Peter Duran, Member
[email protected] 
Jerry Jimenez, Vice President
[email protected]
Affidavits Disclosing Trustee Interests
John Jones, Member
[email protected]
Board Core Values
Mason Martinez, Member
[email protected]
Shanna Petty-Castro, President
[email protected]
Cynthia Perez, Secretary




OPEN RECORDS                                                                                Arrow

Request by  Phone or Fax:

The general public should request information by contacting the Administration Office of Sonora Independent School District.

Phone: (325) 387-6940
Fax: (325) 387-5090

The Public Information Request Form is not required, but is provided to assist the public in making a request.  This form may be submitted by mail, fax, or in person.

Public Information Request Form

Requests Made by Mail or in Person:

Sonora Independent School District
Administration Office
807 South Concho Ave.
Sonora, Texas 76950