Overview of Dyslexia Program

The Sonora ISD dyslexia program is designed to provide short-term reading intervention for children who meet Sonora’s criteria. Services are offered to qualifying students in kindergarten through grade 12. Such services provide the students with the skills and strategies to “unlock” the code of reading and to improve reading fluency. Students are instructed using Orton-Gillingham based reading programs and/or multi-sensory structured language approaches. Dyslexia teachers work with groups of children weekly. The goal of these services is for students to gain mastery of the concepts taught and return to full time placement within the regular classroom.


When the CARE Team meets and suspects that a particular child is displaying characteristics of dyslexia, a 504 referral process is started. One of the district’s dyslexia evaluators will then assess the student using a battery of tests. According to the Texas Education Agency guidelines, the battery of tests includes, but is not limited to: a measure of cognitive ability, achievement testing, and phonological awareness testing. Upon the completion of testing by the dyslexia evaluator, the Sonora ISD dyslexia assessment team will meet to review the testing results of the child. Based on the evaluation data, the team will determine if the child’s testing shows characteristics of dyslexia. If such characteristics are noted in the testing, the child may qualify for SISD’s dyslexia program.

*Students with additional factors that complicate their dyslexia may require additional support or referral to special education.

Placement Options

When a child qualifies as dyslexic student, a 504 committee meeting is scheduled. At the meeting, the results of the assessment will be shared and the committee will then determine the proper placement option for the child. The placement options are based on the amount of intervention needed for the child to be successful in the regular classroom. The placement options become less restrictive at each level. The placement options are:

  • Direct Services:At this level the child’s initial testing indicates a need for short- term multi-sensory reading intervention, and possibly 504 classroom accommodations.
  • Monitor with possible 504 Accommodations:The dyslexia teacher will monitor the student’s progress.
  • Possible 504 Accommodations Only:The 504 committee will meet annually to establish appropriate accommodations. At this level, the services of a dyslexia teacher are no longer required.

*Not all persons with dyslexia are eligible for Section 504.

Discontinuation from Direct Services

No one factor is sufficient to warrant exiting a student from direct dyslexia services after intervention. Discontinuation from direct services is determined by consensus of the Campus 504 Committee. The 504 Committee considers the following factors when recommending exiting or a reduction of dyslexia services under Section 504.

  • Completing the scope and sequence of an Orton-Gillingham based program used in the dyslexia program;
  • The student passed the reading portion of the STAAR, after not previously passing; or achieving “Commended” on reading STAAR;
  • The reevaluation and/or post-testing of students shows growth to be closer to age level proficiency standards;
  • The student demonstrates self-monitoring/self-correction behaviors as evidenced through informal observation by the teacher and/or the dyslexia teacher.
  • If the student has made ONLY limited academic progress while being directly served, a referral to special education may be appropriate.
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