Sonora Independent School District
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Elementary School
Be A Dream Maker
Sonora Elementary School
Louise Dermody
Elementary Principal

Diane Reiner

Elizabeth Zapata
Student Accounting

907 S. Concho Ave.
Sonora, TX  76950

Ph: (325) 387-6940
Ext. 3100
Fax: (325) 387-9604

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:00 pm

    Being a dream maker means.....
        ......Dare to use your imagination
        ......Remember to always keep trying
        ......Encourage your classmates
        ......Always look for the good
        ......Make goals for yourself

    Sonora Elementary is becoming “World Famous” thanks to the FISH! Philosophy and Charthouse Learning. This philosophy was discovered by a group of fishmongers in Seattle who, despite their less-than-desirable working conditions, were able to bring amazing energy, focus and accountability to their jobs. The four principles: Be There, Choose Your Attitude, Make Their Day and Play have been incorporated into the daily life of Sonora Elementary. Our students are learning the difference between “World Class” and “Stinky Fish” behaviors. It is all about relationships, accountability and enjoying whatever it is that you are doing. If you want more information about FISH!, ask anyone at Sonora Elementary, and they will tell you what it takes to be “World Famous.”

Louise Dermody

Sonora ISD
807 South Concho
Sonora, TX 76950
(325) 387-6940