Students of Sonora ISD benefit from a long history of high achievement and enjoy     community-wide support of all student activities that is truly, second to none.

    From Robotics to Industrial Arts, Floral Design to the Football Field, we promote     exploration and celebrate the pursuit of excellence in every student. 


We believe that:
    Excellence in education begins with a professional, highly motivated and passionate     staff.  Strong leadership and exceptional teachers are the foundation of our schools.

    Given the opportunity, every student can succeed

    School environment impacts achievement
    Community engagement is an invaluable asset

    We are obligated to continually educate ourselves in what has     become the most dynamic and fluid landscape in the history of education.


Sonora ISD, providing the best opportunities to be…”  


     We recognize the complex challenge of empowering students to succeed in a world of lightning quick change and advancement.  Today, college graduates are filling  positions that did not exist when they entered high school.  SISD is committed to remaining  current and open to the ever changing demands of 21st century education.  We are a family,  a community, a team and we dedicate ourselves and our resources to providing every child,  every opportunity to become more tomorrow than may be imagined today.


    100 percent of students will graduate on time and excel at their school or career of     choice.
    100 percent of students will reach their full academic potential.
    100 percent of students will be actively involved in extracurricular and co-curricular     activities.
    100 percent of students will graduate as lifelong learners.
    100 percent of students will graduate with a commitment to their community.


Inspired Learners

    The SISD will be a high performing, technology-rich school district with leading-edge     learning experiences that promote engagement, creativity, critical thinking and     achievement.

    The SISD will prepare our graduates to excel in higher education or the career of their     choice.

    The SISD will provide a safe and secure environment.

    The SISD will ensure all teachers are highly effective.

Effective Leadership

    The SISD will recruit and retain the most effective people by rewarding excellence     and providing opportunities for continual growth.

    The SISD will foster a caring culture of respect, integrity, wellness and citizenship     throughout the district.

    The SISD will cultivate an environment that builds great leaders.

Engaged Community

    The SISD will actively engage and partner with parents in the educational experience.

    The SISD will enhance educational excellence and workforce development through     collaboration with community partners.